Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kids wallpapers

As wallpaper ages through time, their adhesives weaken, the edges rip, and the colors fade. Kids wallpapers are more exposed to stains and damage.

Sponge off any extra adhesive. Your house wallpaper is mended and looks nearly brand new.

Air bubbles - Air bubbles occur when an amount of air or a piece of debris is trapped between the wallpaper and the wall, resulting in tiny bulges on the surface of your wallpaper and borders. Roll the surface flat and wipe off any adhesive excess from the house wallpaper.

Big rips and tears - this kind of damage is commonly suffered by kids wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, and kitchen wallpaper and borders. Trace the edges of the spare wallpaper with a razor, cutting the damaged wallpaper in the process.

Remove the spare wallpaper and moisten the damaged area with water to loosen the adhesive. Remove the damaged area. Clean the wall surface where the new piece of wallpaper will be pasted. Apply wall covering adhesive to the new wallpaper and carefully place it on the wall.